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SMOK Scar18 230W Kit

  • NZD 125.00
  • NZD 129.99
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Free shipping on all NZ orders over $30.00
$10 flat rate for AUS orders over $100

Lighting up new possibilities of box mod, SCAR-18 becomes synonymous with power and performance. It is driven by the latest chipset IQ-X with stable output and outstanding efficiency, and uses dual 18650 battery to provide a maximum power of 230W.

Battery/ Wattage
Add 2 X 18650 Li-ion Batteries
Add Battery charger
Add Glass Protective ring
8 colors of Smok scar 18 kit, which are fluid 7-color, fluid red, fluid blue, fluid gold, fluid black white, red stabilizing wood, green stabilizing wood and black.
Fluid 7-color scar 18 kit in a watery purple background with details.
One black smok scar 18 kit at left and one red smok scar 18 kit at right in a black watery background.
One Smok scar 18 kit with black color with details in black background. One black tank is separated aside with details.
Two smok scar 18 kits in white and black background. One with specific details and another one with black iPhone and notebook case.
one electron plate showing IQ-X in the middle with blue lines background.
one black smok scar 18 kit with 230W in the dark blue background.
one fluid 7-color smok scar 18 kit in black watery background with different strength.
one red smok tfv9 tank at left and one 7-color smok tfv9 tank at right in dark blue background with lines of blue and orange color.
one black smok tfv9 tank in the middle with white background.
one 7-color smok tfv9 tank in the middle alongside with a golden drop shape showing 6.5ml
one black smok tfv9 tank with blue arrows move up in the middle with black, red and purple background.
Three different color of smok scar 18 kit which are red stabilizing wood, fluid blue and fluid red. All the accessories are alongside with the kit in white background.
Three steps of the way using smok tfv9 tank.
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