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RELX Infinity Pod

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Free shipping on all NZ orders over $30.00
$10 flat rate for AUS orders over $100

Nicotine level

Crisp Green (Apple)

3% Nicotine

Limited Edition Flavour

#What’s specialTasty green apple is always everyone's favourite.

Jasmine Green Tea
3% Nicotine
Limited Edition Flavour

#What’s special
Sweet and delicious tea flavour followed by the jasmine floral.

Golden Crystal (Honey Grapefruit) 3% Nicotine

Limited Edition Flavour

#What’s special: Mixture of fresh grapefruit and honey that gives you a sweet wake-up taste.

Mellow Melody (Rock Melon)

3% Nicotine

#Sweet, fresh with a cool breeze.“Sweet, luscious ROCK MELON flavour for all day freshness.”

#What’s special: The Infinity Mellow Melody is the perfect replica of the Classic Rock Melon flavour, delivering a lingering sweetness across your taste buds with an added cool breeze. This is the fruity flavour that everyone loves over and over again.

Sunset Paradise (Guava)
3% Nicotine
#Discover an exotic and distinctive surprise
“Quite unique and nice freshness.”
#What’s special
Take a deep breath of the tropical breeze, the new Guava flavour is full of sweetness with a hint of delicate floral notes. It's like the combination of pear, mango and strawberry.

Orchard Rounds (Peach)

3% Nicotine

#Picked at its peak with an authentic, fresh finish“Exactly the fresh flavours of sweet and ripe peaches topped off with a slight exhale of mint”

#What’s special: A refreshing taste of succulent juicy peaches, mixed with just a touch of cooling mint, instant satisfaction on the tastebuds with a refreshing aroma.

Exotic Passion (Passion Fruit)
3% Nicotine
#Irresistibly zesty, undoubtedly tropical
“The fusion of citrus and passion fruit are released in layers for an awesome distinctive mouthfeel”
#What’s special
A complex flavour that's led by the citrusy sweetness of kumquat, gradually followed by a slow release of pulpy passionfruit. After the sweet top notes subside, the slightly sour undertones leave a refreshing tang to linger.

Palm Rounds (Pineapple Coconut)
3% Nicotine
#A rich and smooth blend from the tropics.
#What’s special
The new Palm Rounds delivers a tropical punch with its perfect combination of coconut and pineapple tastes finished with a smooth cooling mint.

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