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Vape pods

We stock an enormous range of refillable pods designed to fit a range of devices. Browse our pod refills online and find a match for your device here.


As the pod kit vapes are small and compact and portable vape devices, like wise Vape pods are compact has built in or installable port for a coil. The vape pods comes on a lot of kinds and variant for example Pre-filled pods or Empty pods, Pods with pre-installed coils or empty pods which takes external coils. Even better thing is you can fill it with the flavour and nicotine strength of you choice. Usually the Vape pods go better with the Nicotine Salts but if it’s too strong for you it can also take the free base liquids.

PODs, or "ultra-portable devices," are a compromise between a disposable vape pen and a $100+ box mod. Vape pods are normally a tank which includes coil and a Liquid storage for your vaping device. Vape pods are for from Small vape pen that comes with pre-filled disposable pods in which you can throw away old pod once you drain out the e juice from it, or small pod similar for vape pens but can be refilled which can come as pre-fitted coil but without e-liquid inside which you can fill by yourself and use it until the coil inside burns out. Or lastly comes without coils which you can install and remove once it burns out also E-juice can be refilled once drained. 

The distinction between open and closed pod kits can be found in the nomenclature. A closed pod kit includes pre-filled pods that simply click into place. They're the most basic arrangement available. Open pods feature the same construction as closed pods in that you click the pod into place, but you can refill them with your preferred beverage.

Pod devices are now available to suit any vaping style. There are devices made for cloud chasers, devices meant for ease of use, and devices designed to recreate the feeling of smoking. 

You'll also notice that the devices have improved significantly. Pod systems, I've discovered, have much better taste, longer-lasting batteries, a better nicotine hit, and longer-lasting coils. In just a few years, technology has advanced dramatically.