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Vape Mods

We carry an enormous range of vape mods in NZ to provide sub-ohm vapers with clouds big enough to keep them satisfied. Whether you’re looking toexperiment with sub-ohm devices or you’re after an upgrade, we have a huge collection of the best vape mods from world-leading brands. Explore thefull range below and find a new device to call your own.

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Grab the Best Vape Mods From HiVape

Mod Kits are one of the more advanced kits, holding enough power to blast a storm of flavoured clouds. Mod kits commonly require batteries with big capacity and ample room on the tank for the e-liquid. Although mod kits usually go up to 250 watts you can customise the power from the lowest adjustment according to your needs.

One of the first vape systems to gain popularity, vape mods are what people often see when picturing a vape device. Mods use a higher wattage to produce a huge storm of giant clouds. Some mods go as high as 250w, allowing full customisation to find the ideal wattage according to your preference.

Originally, mods were just customised vape devices, tinkered with by experienced vapers, known as ‘modders’, and they are the true pioneers of the vape world. Once improved on, these devices became widely available. Nowadays, all large, powerful, sub-ohm vapes are considered mods.

Mods use a variety of hardware and technology to produce an intense experience. Most mods require external batteries to provide them with high power levels. A kit should include the box mod (the main device), a tank, coil, and charger. Once the batteries are installed, vapers can juice their device

up with a regular charging cord.

Vape mods generally take the thicker, high VG liquid to provide a satisfying nicotine hit and produce hurricane-worthy clouds. The different tank and coil combinations let vapers experiment with E-liquid strengths and flavours (made with either freebase or nicotine salts), as well as coil resistance.

Many mods include a small screen for precise customisation to create the ultimate vaping experience. The ability to customise your device experience is ideal for individuals who want creative freedom with their vaping.