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Vape Coils

Shop vape coils in NZ. Our range of vape coils has a fit for all the popular vape devices. Get the taste of clean, refreshing vapour with a replacement coil.


Replacement coils or atomizer are the basically the heart of a vaping device, from the coil is where the liquid form of the e juice turns into clouds. With cotton as a filter soaking the liquid from your tank and wire heating them up and turn the E-juice into a vapor state. The coil is the component in the atomizer that conducts the wattage from the battery into contact with the e-liquid, creating the vapour.

The coil receives power when you press the button on your vape battery. The coil heats up when the power is sent through it. At the same time, you're drawing on your vape, which is sucking e-liquid into the wicking material by capillary action. The coil heats up as you pull e-liquid onto it through the wicking; the e-liquid hits the hot coil and transforms into a vapour, which you inhale.

Different types of coils are accommodated by different types of vape tanks. High resistance and sub-ohm vape tanks are the two most common varieties. 

A high resistance coil will be used in vape tanks with higher resistance. The tank's airflow will be reduced, and the mouthpiece will be decreased in diameter. The coils usually contain a single vertical coil and are significantly smaller than sub-ohm coils. These are designed for MTL vaping and are ideal for first-time vapers or flavour chasers.

The lifespan of a vape coil is one to two weeks. This is an average life duration, and it can vary depending on the type of e-liquid you use, the power you use, and the type of coil you use.

So don't be scared to experiment with a variety of vapes and coils to find your own unique sweet spot! Experimentation is one of the many pleasures of vaping, especially given the current status of the industry.