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SMOK NOVO 2 Device: What Makes It Standout

Smokers globally have discovered the benefits of vaping; however, it is still a difficult task to make the switch. Fortunately, brands like SMOK have created easy-to-use, refillable pod systems, like the NOVO-2 device.
SMOK has created an enormous selection of devices, appealing to all vapers. The SMOK NOVO and NORD product families have dominated the vape industry, providing a satisfying experience, but without all the bells and whistles of a mod. Below, we look at the NOVO 2 and how it remains a top-seller, despite being two generations behind!

Design &Technology

The NOVO 2 hardware is sleek and has what almost seems to be an ever-growing selection of colours and designs. You will not have an issue finding a NOVO 2 that suits you. The curved body is always a delight to hold, crafted for the human hand, plus the classic NOVO mouthpiece design. The hardware has improved airflow from the first NOVO.

Beneath the gorgeous exterior is an improved battery from the original model—almost double the capacity—at 800mAh. A full charge can last a few days, depending on your vaping habits; impressive battery life for such a small device. With the NOVO 2 device comes a range of hidden features to keep you safe, including battery cut-off and short circuit protection.

The Power of the NOVO Pods

With more power comes improved output wattage too. The 6W – 25W range is ideal for ex-smokers and provides some simple customisation to bring the best possible experience. There is no need to navigate through settings. Instead, the output wattage is determined by the pod you use.

Each pod provides a unique experience. Mesh, ceramic, and quartz coil options range from 0.8Ω, for a sub-ohm experience, to 1.5Ω for a tighter draw. The NOVO pod family simplifies customisation, creating a seamless, streamlined experience. Just pop the pod in, top it off with your favourite E-liquid, and enjoy a smooth draw-activated puff.

Despite the new NOVO 4, the 2nd generation still sells like hotcakes and remains the vape of choice for vapers and ex-smokers worldwide. Many vapers aren’t looking to navigate a bunch of settings through tiny buttons. The NOVO 2 lets you choose your pod of preference, your favourite juice, and start puffing away. It’s straight to the point with the NOVO 2 device.

Great Price for Beginners

The NOVO 2 device is just $39.00, an accessible price point, just above the price of your average packet of cigarettes. Unlike cigarettes, you won’t need to buy a new NOVO every few days; charge it up and switch out the E-liquid/pod when necessary; it is that simple.

Besides harm reduction, the ever-increasing price of cigarettes is a leading reason more smokers are switching to vaping. SMOK set out to create an affordable device that delivers a high-quality vaping experience, and boy, did they succeed!

Grab Your NOVO 2 Device from HiVape

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