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Why Closed Pod Systems Are the Best Vape for Beginners?

For smokers looking to try vaping, closed pod systems offer an extremely easy-to-use vape for newcomers, plus you can pick one up at practically any vape shop in NZ. Below, we discuss why closed pod vapes are the perfect option for new vapers and ex-smokers. From the simple design to the smooth throat hits, here’s what makes closed pod systems the best vape for beginners.

Simple Design

One of the absolute best things about closed pod vapes is their perfect design—crafted for ease of use and nothing else. Most of these systems take full advantage of ingenious puff-to-power technology. All you need to do to curb that craving is draw from your device and enjoy the smooth taste of the nicotine-filled vapour. 

The simple design is perfect for replicating the smoking sensation and the rituals that come with the habit. Many smokers are reluctant to make the switch due to the confusing nature of some larger vape mods. Closed pods have almost no additional features, just an experience comparable to traditional cigarettes, right down to the feeling on your lips.

Best vape for beginners – closed vape pods lined up by flavour

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is another off-putting element of vaping. Fortunately, smaller devices are easier than ever to maintain—there are no coil and tank replacements and no need to refill the pods! Simply vape your pod until it’s run dry, dispose of it, and pop a fresh pre-filled pod in! It can’t get any easier than that. 

With closed pod systems, everything a beginner vaper needs to get started typically comes with the device in a starter kit. These kits generally include the battery (the device), a charging cable, and some pre-filled pods ready to start puffing on immediately. Closed pods are all about creating a no-fuss experience. Smokers are used to stepping away and taking a break, so these are the ideal device for a quick and satisfying hit.


With fewer moving parts (coils, tanks, E-liquids), closed devices are much cheaper to maintain. Off the bat, these starter kits come in at a low price point, almost competing with the price of a single pack of smokes. With a simple design and minimal moving parts, closed pod systems are a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay for a larger vape mod. 

For example, the Typhoon S kit comes in at just $7.99—with pack of 2 pods just $10.00 each. For somebody coming from smoking cigarettes or even from a larger vape mod, the jump down in price is an enormous one.

Flavours for All Tastes

Nicotine salt E-liquids are known for bringing out the best flavour possible for vapers and delivering similar amounts of nicotine as a standard cigarette. Along with the smooth nicotine hit, you can find pods in flavours familiar to smokers. 

For those with more adventurous tastebuds, you can try experimenting with the more exotic flavours. Try something fruity or something cola flavoured. Any delicious tastes you can think of, you’ll likely find inside a pre-filled pod.

Familiar to Smokers

It’s not just the small size and familiar flavours that keep things feeling natural for smokers, it’s the feeling of pulling the vapour itself. As mentioned, closed pod systems typically use nicotine salt E-liquid in their pods. This form of nicotine is perfect for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. 

MTL vaping means the vapour is drawn into the mouth before being pulled into the lungs. Along with this comes a tighter draw, very similar to smoking a cigarette. The replication of this sensation is what makes these devices so successful for ex-smokers.

Our Favourite Closed Pod Vapes

You may be tempted to give closed pod vaping a try, but what’s the best device to start with? Ultimately, it’ll always come down to personal preference; however, there are a few systems worth highlighting for new smokers. 

Systems, such as the previously mentioned Typhoon S, Relx Essential, along with the Alt, are our top closed pod vape brands right now. Smokers and vapers alike highlight their easy-to-use nature, discreet style, and affordability. Each offers its flavour range within its pods, but they all work in the same way: puff and enjoy.

Grab Your Closed Pod Vape From HiVape

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking to quit smoking or are looking for a device that’s easier to manage, you’ll find exactly that in a closed pod system. Browse our range of closed pod vapes, including the Relx in NZ, online or in-store at HiVape today.